Sports Pickleball Rackets


Set of 2, Fiberglass Face and Polypropylene-Honeycomb Pickleball Paddles with Outdoor Indoor Game ,4 Pickleball Balls & Carry Bag

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    • Featuring a durable, long-lasting Fiberglass textured surface, the WEVYHFS Pickleball paddle combines the most advanced FiberFlex Fiberglass surface and a thicker polypropylene Pro4 core to provide the best ball cushioning.
    • The smooth Fiberglass surface produces unparalleled ball spin, allowing for a grip on the ball during every serve and shot and creating more spin to easily and accurately deconstruct your opponent’s spin.
    • Using the most advanced polypropylene honeycomb technology, the WEVYHFS Pickleball paddle has strong elasticity.


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